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Exposures to Carcinogens

Where Were You Exposed to Carcinogens?

Workplace Exposures – Several types of occupational exposures have been identified as factors that increase the risk of lung cancer among smokers and never smokers. Electricians, painters, plumbers, steamfitters, pipefitters, and many other jobs brought workers into close contact with asbestos insulation, cements, ceiling tiles, brakes, and other hazardous materials. Carcinogens in these materials include asbestos, beryllium, heavy metals, and hydrocarbons.

Military Service Exposure – Thousands of veterans have contracted lung cancer after being exposed to asbestos. Often the cancer doesn't show up until decades after exposure. Members of all branches of the military were exposed to the same materials as civilian workers were. Exposure to beryllium and depleted uranium was especially common among servicemen because those metals were used in defense systems. Agent Orange, the herbicide, was used extensively in the Vietnam War.

Home Exposure – Radon accumulates in the basements of buildings in some areas of the country, and asbestos was used widely in home construction for decades. Both radon and asbestos are known causes of lung cancer and pose risks for people who live in homes with those carcinogens.

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